Emotional and Psychological thinking issues that CBT can help with

CBT can help with many thought patterns and emotional issues, one of them being Imposter Syndrome. This is where high achieving people feel like they haven’t achieved their goals and so fear is exposed as an imposter. CBT allows you to evaluate from an objective perspective, reflect on achievements and ask for trusted feedback from a mentor.

Self Sabotage is another issue that CBT can help with. This is an enemy within us that can lead to not feeling good enough to enjoy opportunities in life. We limit ourselves based on our flawed sense of being, lack of values and also the beliefs we hold about ourselves. This thought can also hold us back as we sabotage our own results, stopping us from moving forward. Working with a therapist allows the individual to work on a conscious basis, seeing the belief for what it truly is and identifying any incorrect thinking.

Limiting and Irrational Beliefs is another issue that can hold us back, as we discredit our achievements in life because of the fears we tell ourselves. These thoughts can be disguised as Positive Assumptions or Ideologies, this is where we put others before ourselves which can prevent personal growth. Limiting Beliefs include feeling lazy, feeling like a failure, worrying you won’t succeed and believing you’re not worthy of anything good. People will tend to make one mistake and feel this holds true for all things in life.

CBT will challenge you with more realistic thinking, allow you to understand where these thoughts are coming from as well as putting other beliefs in place. Empowering beliefs focuses on the here and now, and says that any past mistakes does not make you the person you are now. A therapist will encourage you to question your thoughts… ‘What evidence do I have to support this belief?’ and ‘How true is this for everything?’.

Therapy sessions offer a range of techniques to help with thought processes, one of these suggestions is Journaling. By writing down your thoughts and the situation that led to that thought, allows you challenge your belief and replace it with positive qualities and affirmations.

Another technique is the The Downward Arrow. This uncovers core and limiting beliefs by focusing on the thought that is bothering you, then asking yourself ‘what does this thought say about you?’. The idea is to keep thinking it through and asking yourself this question until you find the underlying problem.

The last simple technique involves Thought Stopping. Saying STOP when a negative thought comes to mind, prevents any catastrophic thinking and give you the opportunity to change your thought pattern.

The last common issue is Comparison, which means that you think your own success is flawed. You can ask yourself ‘do you really want to follow people that don’t even known where they’re heading themselves?’. Try aiming for those that have credit success and perhaps ask them for insight into their lives.

With comparison, being authentic and vulnerable is a huge part. Bringing down our guard, being real and acknowledging our vulnerable self can be rather scary but vital to living a happy life. It can be challenging to let go of the fear of not being liked and embracing who we truly are.

Reflect on these questions…

‘If we are living inauthentically, how can we encourage those around us to be TRUE to themselves?’

‘How can we encourage others to embrace all they UNIQUELY are if we don’t know who we are ourselves?’.

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