Since becoming a Pilates instructor all I want to do is help people feel confident with their bodies. Focusing on balance, coordination, posture, strengthening muscles, joint alignment and relaxation for emotional well-being.


Over the years I have studied Exercise Referral and Nutrition, learning about medical conditions such as arthritis and hypertension, as well as understanding diet to enhance my Pilates and offer a holistic approach with lifestyle and posture.


I am also qualified in Level 4 Lower Back Pain and Level 3 Cognitive Behavioural Course (CBT).

Pilates and Boxercise sessions give me such joy to run online, as I love hearing about your progressions made with exercises and how you challenge yourself each week!

Current Qualifications:

Level 2 Gym

Level 2 Exercise to Music

Level 3 Pilates

Level 3 Nutrition

Level 3 Exercise Referral

Boxercise Level 1

Boxercise Level 2 (Advanced)

Level 4 Lower Back Pain

Level 3 CBT

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